What Are The Benefits Of The Home Air Purifier?


Investing on the air purifiers can be the wise choice and it can bring a wide range of benefits and some of them are discussed below:

Many studies have clearly showed that the best air purifier can considerably bring down the level of harmful contaminants present indoors by filtering them away from workplaces and homes. The ultimate benefit associated with such a unit is its ability to enable people to breathe easily by taking away numerous harmful particles in the air that can increase the chances of illnesses in a number of people. Another important worth to mention benefit associated with such an installation is that this type of unit can help in effectively getting rid of pollutants that can lead to some of the most common respiratory problems like asthma, allergy, irritation and cold. Zost knows firsthand about that things.

What do estimates state?

It is estimated that the indoor pollutants in the air can directly cause or even worsen many health issues. When these pollutants are effectively removed, allergic irritation in eyes and nose, headaches and asthma can be effectively addressed as per reports.

Fight against volatile compounds:

Experts are of the opinion that the best air purifier can help in fighting against allergens or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). VOCs are found in many common household items like new carpets, new furniture, disinfectants, varnishes, paints, etc. These compounds can be highly harmful to human health. They can cause irritation to throat, eyes and nose and when humans get continuous exposure to VOCs, they can face chronic health issues.

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Russia vs. United Kingdom. What’s the Score?


In good business, unlike good sports, there are no losers, only winners from cooperation. In our case, it is the cooperation between Russia and the United Kingdom, which simply would not exist if it were not mutually beneficial. The British investors into Russian economy as well as the Russian investors into British economy are not restricted in their ways, but still they are predominantly engaged in the oil and gas sector.

Nevertheless, in business, much like sports, the temptation of counting who wins more is always legitimate and justified. What else can be gained? And how can this be done?

Do Not Miss the Plane

BP and Shell – leaders of the U.K. oil and gas sector – are major direct investors into Russian economy (see Figs. 1 and 2) developing their investment and industrial strategies in Russia.

Remarkably, investment in Russian economy is encouraged in the United Kingdom at the highest level. Moreover, one may even think that the official London hurries up their compatriots to invest in Russia. This is especially applicable to medium- and small-size British businesses, which are not too active in establishing ties with Russia.

In her speech at the Russian Economic Forum in London in April, British Trade and Industry Minister Patricia P. Hewitt appealed to British companies "to grasp the opportunities of this more prosperous, stable and outward looking Russia. And to grasp them today because they will be lost tomorrow. It is high time to board the plane to Russia before it takes off." In Hewitt's opinion, the political risks associated with the YUKOS case are insignificant in comparison with the risk of being outstripped by other competitors willing to cooperate with Russian companies. Hewitt compared Russia's economy with the Chinese economy several years ago and noted that, as a result of cautious strategy of British companies, "Germany now exports eight times as much to China as we do." BP head Lord Browne subscribed to this opinion by stating that BP is planning a further investment of $3-4 bln during the next five years in addition to the $8 bln already invested in Russia.

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Ivy & Cynthia Alamrio

Almario-Ivy-and-CynthiaFrom California to Manila, these two are icons of sophistication

Twenty years proved to be more than enough time for sisters Ivy and Cynthia Almario to earn their rightful spot in the industry. Since launching their own design studio, Atelier Almario, in 1995, the interior designer tandem has accumulated a long list of clients from high-end residential properties to commercial and office spaces to hotels and resorts. In all such projects, the Almarios have clearly defined their identity.

“Atelier Almario believes in creating spaces that are the best version of a client’s dream,” says Cynthia, who, with her sister, spent more than a decade practicing in California. “We are generally open to their ideas, which we integrate with our years of knowledge and depth of experience to create interiors that are warm, sophisticated, and impactful.” The duo is well-known for their masterful combinations of colors and textures—often taking inspiration from the most unexpected things like wrought iron for a headboard and a variety of spices for a room palette—that find a balance with carefully selected furniture pieces and accessories.

Despite the constant recognition, both Ivy and Cynthia believe that a greater sense of fulfilment comes from being able to give back to the country and gradually contribute to nation building. The sisters started the road to this goal by collaborating with GKonomics and Gawad Kalinga, as well as with ASAM, a program that promotes improved livelihood and cultural preservation in impoverished communities. “It is very rewarding to be part of making people’s dream houses come true,” says Ivy. “This profession has been very generous to us through the years, and hopefully through our talents, we can likewise give back and focus on a bigger stage.”