Use of hang drum for healing and therapy

The hang drum is an instrument that can be played by using the hands and fingers of the users. Everybody has a familiarity about the hang drum in the music field. This instrument is producing the udu-like sounds that can be produced with the air resonance and also music like harmonically tuned bell or steel pans. Nowadays, people can see many ads for the drum healing and therapy sessions for the different medical conditions. Actually, this instrument is possible to heal by just beat of the drum that can resonate with the soul of the human heart. However, it can be also used to beat in harmony with very own internal percussion.

In fact, these hang drums also are often used in the therapy sessions to release the anger, stress and also emotional pain. With this drum, you can achieve the positive results to help with the corporate stress, autism, post traumatic stress, increasing self esteem, multiple personality disorder and manic depression and so on. These hang drums are not only technically used as drums, but also offers the similar advantages of being able to connect the external instrument with the internal spirit. However, there are so many ways to produce the sound on the hang such as thumbs, fingertips and also the heel of a palm as well as a mixture of all the three. Continue reading